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(2010 - 2011) for amplified String Quartet, Mezzo-Soprano and real time electronics

The Difference Engine is a work composed in a single movement, one unique breath without breaks. It is distinctly divided into several zones, fluidly connected to each other in a process which intend to degrade its own progression and mutation, in favour of a - formal and sonic - perception metamorphosis of its own beginning and becoming. The formal and harmonic overall structure of the work is organized as a whole macro object, which integrates aesthetical and technical propositions within its same progression. This compositional method, and process, is intended to consider and interrelate any aspect of the work at the same quantitative and qualitative level, where each characteristic evolves in its relation to others, in a circular and vertical modality. The predominant topic of the work is a generative compositional method, which organises form, timbre and harmonic interrelations from the instrument’s physical and sonic properties. A compositional formal linearity, which aims to progressively juxtapose extremes of saturation, distortion, and liquescence, elements that become structural to the composition, delineating the whole sonic perception of the work.