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Five Abstract Stations

(2009) for male voice & Real time electronics

World Premiere
Sonic Arts Series
Norwich, UK
23 November, 2009

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, Tenor

The conception and preparation of TRANCE has been integral part of the research towards different timbral interrelationship, and hybridisation processes develop during the last few years. The compositional specificity of this work resides, in fact, in those characteristics, focusing upon distinct peculiarities of human voice and the interpreter's subjectivity. In TRANCE, biological and physical vocal characteristics, and pure singing vocal aspects, are subject-objects (material) of the work, paired in a constant fluctuant correspondence, which structure the shape and form of the work. This approach was intended to observe and consider vocal peculiarities and qualities as a whole, at a same level, to be then utilized as formant qualities of the work. In this perspective, the pure singing aspect is considered and treated qualitatively equal to others (similar and different) elements of the voice. The utilisation of phonemes, polysyllables, and physical vocal characteristics are preferred to the utilisation of specific text or lyrics. A mode which emphasizes the strong central role of the interpreter, who needs his creative capacities to contextualise and construct his own verbal, textual, and sonic territory.