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Dario Palermo
Difference Engines


My first monographic CD is now available.
Released by Amirani Contemporary.
Featuring works exceptionally performed by Arditti String Quartet, soprano Catherine Carter, percussionist Milo Tamez, and vocalist Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg.

An arresting collection
John Whitehouse


RO - Premiére danse de la Lune (2012) 17'.54"
for amplified Drum-set Percussion and real time electronics
Milo Tamez, Drum-set

THE DIFFERENCE ENGINE (2010-2011) 27'.56"
for amplified String Quartet, Mezzo-Soprano and real time electronics
Arditti String Quartet
Catherine Carter, Mezzo-Soprano

TRANCE - Five abstract stations (2009) 12'.37"
for male voice and real time electronics
Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, Tenor

Nikolay Georgiev, Post production manager and mastering engineer




Alex Ross

The Milanese composer has an absorbing new CD on the Amirani label...
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Battiti - Rai Radio 3

Rai Radio 3

BAttiti Rai radio 3




Issue 376 June 2015
Andy Hamilton

Dario Palermo
Difference Engines
Amirani CD
Charles Babbage's Difference Engine was an early automatic mechanical calculator based on the method of divided differences, - tabulating functions by polynomials. If you're none the wiser, Italian composer Palermo doesn't clarify the connection with his recent composition, one of three on this disc, all featuring acoustic resources plus live electronics. The Difference Engine is for amplified string quartet (the Arditti) and mezzo-soprano (Catherine Carter).
First performed as a dance and multimedia work at London's Gate Theatre, its gritty modernist idiom is full of vertiginous swoops, glides and glissandos, with live electronics mostly subdued. TRANCE: Five Abstract Stations is a virtuoso partnership of Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg's tenor and electronics, with Schouwburg seeming to draw on reminiscences of Donald Duck and The Goon Show.


Avant Music News

This, the first CD dedicated entirely to work by composer Dario Palermo, features three substantial electroacoustic works...
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I tre brani di questo CD, nei quali Dario Palermo incrocia le sue elaborazioni elettroniche in tempo reale con validissimi interpreti, ci invitano ad almeno due riflessioni...
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Percorsi Musicali

Le multiformi direzioni intraprese dall'elettronica permettono oggi di fare un meraviglioso consuntivo su come si è mossa la ricerca...
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Ο Dario Palermo είναι ιταλός αβαντγκαρντίστας, που γεννήθηκε στο Μιλάνο το 1970. Με καλές σπουδές και συμμετοχές σε σεμινάρια...
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